Notes to Parents
Notes to Parents

The traditional approach to learning focuses on mastering content. This book, however, is about engaging the child’s whole being − heart, soul and mind (Mark 12:30). It is about discovering the Bible’s message by doing and experiencing. We believe that learning starts with an experience. ­This leads to reaction, incorporating new ideas, evaluation and/or application. Different people go about this process in different ways.

  • Some like to gather information and solve problems through discussions. ­ They like working in groups.
  • Others like a logical approach. ­ They like to work with ideas, and demand clear explanations and straight answers. ­ They like to do research and to analyse.
  • Some like to solve problems, apply theories, and find and test solutions to practical problems.
  • And some rely on intuition rather than logic. ­ They like a practical, hands-on approach as well as new challenges and experiences.

In addition, children have preferred ways of learning. Visual learners prefer learning through concrete shapes, pictures and words on paper. Kinesthetic learners learn best by using movement and working with real objects. Auditory learners rely on their listening and rhythmic skills when they learn. ­This book gives each child the opportunity to select those hunts that appeal to him/her at this time of their life. Later they may choose others.

In this book we have selected nine common ways that children use to learn. Logical reasoning, visualising, discussing and debating, learning with others and using interpersonal skills, reaction or intrapersonal skills, emotional engagement, experimenting and doing, kinesthetics (using movement), and using nature. Various learning activities called treasure hunts are incorporated in this Bible in the form of short entries, interwoven with the Bible text. ­The reader is joined by the friendly Wayees on their hunts. Wayees are nine animal characters, each designed to utilise one of the nine different ways of learning. ­They help children walk ­ The Way – an early name for Christianity (see Acts 9:2). A description of each Wayee and their particular hunt is given on page 15.

We use the NIrV [New International Reader’s Version], a very accessible Bible.